Monday, May 7, 2012

My New Craft Room

My Cricut Station and my working studio all from Ikea.

My Reflections modular furniture from Michaels.
Finally I am able to post pictures of my craft studio. I used to have it in the dining room when my parents were here. When my parents had to be moved into a nursing home, I was able to return. I picked out new flooring, went to Ikea and bought my furniture and all accessories. My son Steven brought up all my craft furniture I bought at Michaels and slowly but surely put everything in its place (Thank you Steven....your work is very appreciated)! Not only that, he built every piece of furniture that is in this room....all the Michaels and Ikea stuff. Wow!

 It took a long while as I have to do everything sitting down, but it turned out great. Now all I have to do is label everything as I don't know where things are! The first picture above is my computer desk that we got at Ikea.The "M" is from Stampin Up. Very easy to put up! I have a laptop attached to my 23" monitor. My son is also my IT man, so he did that. It turned out better than I expected. I used to dream about a room like this, and now it's a reality. I sometimes just go in there and stare. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to escape to your own little world and "just whistle while you scrap". That is why my blog is named this way!

Later on this afternoon I will post my first card made in this room. It was fantastic to be able to create in my own design studio. Hopefully, I can now use it more and post more often!


  1. Aw Marie, I am insanely jealous!! I love, love it!! I want all white furniture like Ikea's too!! I'll be using your room as my inspiration room, now!! Congratulations :)

  2. Amanda, thank you for your comment. You know you can come over anytime! I'm putting a card table in the middle for "guest scrappers"!

  3. Wow, Marie, it's gorgeous. I have a room dedicated to my scrapping, but it doesn't look anywhere as nice as yours.