Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Own Blinkie

Hello Friends,

Happy Labor Day weekend, America!

Most of you know that I am slowly recovering from yet again another ankle surgery. I felt something not right yesterday afternoon and had my son drive me to my doctor. Just what I had suspected, a stitch popped out. They were able to steri-strip the entire scar (about 5") and hopefully will hold until my doctor gets back on Tuesday, when all my stitches come out. Until then, I am resting as much as possible and not moving my foot/ankle too much. Needless to say, I got depressed because things have not been going well for me lately. I decided to keep my mind off stuff that gets me in trouble and decided it was time to play with something totally foreign to me......html and designing for the web.

I must be gaining more and more confidence while playing around with Photoshop. I used to be very good at Photoshop Elements and actually did my entire wedding album digitally (I wil share one day). Having said that, I've never actually designed anything before (dealing with html and web stuff, that is). I got the mother of all Photoshops last night.... Photoshop CS6 and decided for my first project I wanted to make my own blinkie. I spent most of the afternoon and evening playing.... deleting this, adding that, beveling, shading....and voila! A blinkie was born! What fun this was! I did forget to adjust the green color to a more soothing paler color...oh well, this is how you learn. I'll make another one with a paler green tomorrow. Soon I will be getting a revamped blog ( a really, really pretty one too!) from Valentine Designs and I thought I wanted to make a blinkie to go with my new blog. The color will change, but it's so rewarding for me that I came up with this. I would like to make these for other blogs (for a modest fee, of course!)...let me practice a bit more first! My next thing is designing my own watermark for the cards I download. I will post whenever that project is done.

Let me know how you like my new digital creation!

Until we meet again,

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