Sunday, September 2, 2012

Patience and Perseverance - Post Signature Line

Hello friends,
Well, I am progressing.....I made my own post signature line today. As you all know my love for Disney, I used the Waltograph font to do this. The little bunny is from Lori Davidson's beautiful  artwork called "Love Stories from the Red Flower Shop" and can be found here. Karen Valentine from Valentine Design in assisting me in re-vamping my blog and giving it a "Disneyesque" feel to it. I think we are on  a roll! I even wrote in the book and flipped the letters to make it look like the bunny is writing a story! The teeny tiny letters say "Once upon a time, there was a princess named Marie". I love fairy tales and the bunny with the feathers made me start writing the beginning of every fairy's all so great! I cannot believe I've actually done two things I never thought I could do.

Lesson for today...If you want to do something bad enough, go for it. Practice makes perfect. My two favorite words......patience and perseverance. Without these words in your vocabulary, you won't get too far.