Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Importance of Watermarking your Designs

In talking with a friend today, she made me realize how important it is to put a "watermark" on all our finished designs. I really had no idea that people are stealing images from Pinterest (especially Pinterest) and other places on the Internet and using them as their own. We, as card makers and scrapbook artists, put our watermark signatures on the bottom of our designs. This is not necessarily a good place to put them.

I am fairly new at blogging and would hate for someone to take my beautiful work of art and re-distribute as their own. We need to make it harder for those that do this terrible thing. I spoke to my son this evening and asked him what we should be doing. He said that if someone is bent on stealing your design...they will. What he suggested is for us to display it as we always have....nice and pretty at the middle or to the left or right of our design....but not completely out of our design. Make sure it is strategically placed where it covers some of our design which will make it harder for them to remove with digital software. Another thing he suggested was to put the same watermark, but larger, diagonally across the designed image at a lighter opacity. Play around with your watermark and see if a 20% greater or less opacity works for your particular image. This is what I will try to do next time I post one of my creations.

There is a product called Digimark that will protect your images online. It will actually track your images if stolen and will tell you exactly where they are on the web. It's a bit expensive, but for those that are designers or photographers it may be the way to go these days. Prices start at $49.99 annually for 1,000 or less images. Click the link above to go to their website. I found this website through my Photoshop Elements program that can read and/or insert your "Digimark".

I've learned a lot today. I hope so have you. Please take the time and make a good watermark and apply it consistently on your beautiful works of art. Make it large enough for it to be seen when your image is opened or displayed. Make a larger one to go diagonally across your entire image and lighten the opacity according to your photographed image colors used. We spend a lot of time making beautiful things for others to see and appreciate. Let's make people think before they "steal" and maybe they can come up with intelligent designs that are their own.


  1. Thank you, Marie! I have heard of it and I've started watermaking my non DT images too. I understand copying something but I always try to give credit when and where I can :)

    ~ Amanda :)

  2. Well, as I learn new things, I will pass them along to my followers. Thank you, Amanda, for taking the time to read my blog tonight. Marie