Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CHA Experience - It's Like No Other!


Good morning friends!

Can I say....OMG! I have been on a sensory overload for the past three days. You know, the type of overload you get when you eat too much chocolate and you just want to sit somewhere and say, "What just happened?" That, my friends, is a first-timer's experience at CHA. You go through the doors and it is the biggest electrical charge of papers, colors, textures, bling, inks....oh my!

I had to use my wheelchair as I am still recovering from foot surgery, so my darling husband pushed me around from booth to booth. Needless to say, he has so much more respect for what we do, but especially he knows this is a now REAL business for me, not just some hobby that I like doing.

I met the nicest people and they all gave me fabulous advice. Beth Kingston from Xyron, Els from Elizabeth Craft Designs, Theresa Collins, Becky Higgins (I was so overwhelmed by some that I could not even ask for a picture!) and Alli Bartowski from Quilled Creations. Els gave me a big hug since we know each other. My husband says to me, "I didn't know you knew so many important people here....I'm impressed!" LOL. I didn't know what to say to that, but after he said it I was so captivated by who I knew and to see their booths come alive with the most beautiful creations was just insane. Yes, friends, that is called sensory overload.

Myself and Alli Bartowski from Quilled Creations

Teresa Collins at Craftwell Booth

Myself and Beth Kingston from Xyron

On the second day (Sunday), I went with my dearest friend, Melissa Mueller from A Creative Journey with Melissa. Please go visit her site as she has a fabulous line of rubber stamps. My favorite ones are the sign language and the Mr. and Mrs. stamps ( I Just Love You). I am on her design team and could not be prouder. I am veery honered to be on her design team and have her as a dear friend. She and I will be cross-sellling products that you are sure to love.

One thing I noticed at CHA is how many multi-media projects are being done with the stuff we all use for our cards and scrapbooks. If you look through my photos, you will be able to tell, especially with metal arts. I also learned the neatest technique from the WOW! embossing powder rep. I have to gather the supplies first and then see if I'm brave enough to do a You Tube! I made an apron at the Silhouette booth with the flocked heat transfer. It was so easy and the heat transfer is great! We cut out our design, weeded, and applied to the apron. The Silhouette Rep then used a heat press (those things are HUGE! Where do you guys find the room to put one of these!) and now I have a beautiful grey and white apron! I'm going to bling it too with the Crystal Ninja. I had to buy one because I bling everything! I also got some for my online store!

On Sunday I took videos with Stacey Nicholas, the creator of the Bow-It-All. She has come out with a new version called Bow-It-All Version 2. It's so new it's not on her website! But I have the video below! The difference is the new platform has holes every 1/2 inch so you can make many other sizes of bows and loops!  I will be retailing this at my new store when it opens...with a nice 20% off discount. Please stay tuned for my grand opening as I will be having loads of specials and free give aways! Also, don't forget to tell your friends to follow my blog so they don't miss a thing! There was an error in uploading the video, so here's the link from You Tube.

I also took video with the Krylon group. Oh my gosh, they could not have been nicer! Denise Patterson, Product Manager from Krylon,  explained what type of sealer should be used with gloss (we especially talked about glittered wine glasses!) and why some sealants yellow. Wait until you hear what Krylon has to say. I promised not to post the video until Krylon gives the approval.......it should come by next week.

I have posted some additional pictures from CHA on my facebook page, ( https://www.facebook.com/WhistleWhileYouSrap ) that you may like to see.

I was like the kid in the candy store. I wanted everything. Seriously, I have over 100 lbs. of catalogs, brochures and price lists sitting in the entry of my home.

Now I have to come down from the heavens and separate everything into the things I would like to sell in my store, the things I would use for my cards and other multi-media projects and the things I don't need. This is going to take some time....And I do mean SOME time. I'll be posting more CHA news very soon. We will do it again next year!


  1. I so wish I could have joined you guys..what a weekend. Thanks for all the info and hope you are feeling better after your surgery.

  2. LOL, I didn't realize that I know a celebrity in you! I just got all excited reading your post, can't wait to see the videos and learn about the new products and go to your store!!

  3. Glad you had such a great experience Marie! Look forward to seeing and hearing more.
    Stephanie Hopper

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.