Friday, August 1, 2014

Silhouette NEW PRODUCTS Information! Order Yours NOW and Get a Free Gift

Hello Friends:

It's been awhile.........but I have plenty of news for you today!!! As you are aware, I am an authorized Silhouette retailer. When the news broke yesterday of four new products, my email and Facebook exploded with questions! Well, I went right to the source so I can get you you go!!

So many of you have been asking questions about the new products I thought it best to put out an information sheet to hopefully answer your questions.

Here goes:

Pix Scan:

PixScan™ cutting matsUse the PixScan™ mat with your Silhouette electronic cutting tool and Silhouette Studio® software to cut precisely around a printed design or when you need to position cut lines in a specific location on your material. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  Your Silhouette will recognize registration marks on the PixScan™ mat and cut your material just as you’ve indicated in Silhouette Studio®. It’s a great way to use stamps, hand-sketches, and pre-printed images.

 I spoke with my Rep………this is an actual mat that you can cut from. It does not replace the tracing feature. You put your image (rubber stamp, etc.) on the mat where ever you want. You can scan the picture, take a picture of the image and then scan to your Silhouette software.
Your picture stays the SAME SIZE as your original………no more measuring or guessing. You can create an offset and cut or just make cut lines of the image to cut………the Pix Scan has built in registration marks…… tell Silhouette WHAT to CUT and WHERE to cut………..FABULOUS!
A brand new You Tube video is out and here it is:  You will absolutely love it!
Pix Scan mat retails for $14.99………..if you order through me, it will be $12.00 plus $4 shipping to US. Canadian orders accepted but I would have to contact USPS to see what would be the least expensive way to ship.

 Silhouette Roll Feeder

 The Roll Feeder provides easy and convenient placement of rolled materials when cutting with your Silhouette. Simply place the Roll Feeder in front of the Silhouette and seat your rolled material into the Roll Feeder. The Roll Feeder provides a convenient guide so your material is loaded into the Silhouette straight and avoids concerns of improper loading alignment.  The Roll Feeder includes Roll Feeder and Crosscutter.  Replacement Crosscutters are available for individual purchase.

  Glass Etching Cream - 2 oz. bottle

Use Silhouette glass etching cream with your Silhouette to permanently etch personalized text and designs onto mirrors or glassware. Simply cut a stencil using your Silhouette and apply Silhouette etching cream for permanent and beautiful etched glass.

New & Improved Silhouette Pen Holder

Replace your Silhouette’s blade with a pen to sketch instead of cut.The Silhouette pen holder can be used in all Silhouette electroniccutting tools and will hold most ballpoint pens. The Silhouette PenHolder allows use for a range of drawing instruments from a thinnerstandard pen to select thicker felt-tip markers.Includes three threaded collets for varying pen sizes - small
(blue), medium (white), and large (grey). 
Prices are as follows:

Pix Scan Cutting Mat (Cameo & Portrait),
         retail price $ price $12.00 (Shipping $4 additional Mats $2 ea)
Roll Feeded retail price $ 39.99 my price $34.00 (shipping $12)
Etching Creme retail price $ price $7.00 (Shipping $4)
Pen Holder retail price $ price $8.00 (Shipping $3)
***I can combine orders and any order over $50 gets FREE SHIPPING!***

**** Email me to put in your order. Everyone that places an order today (8/1/14) or tomorrow (8/2/14) will receve a free sketch pen.   As soon as I receive inventory, I will place them in my Etsy shop.


Someone mentioned Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter…………………………..they are seriously working on this!!!! I just about screamed when my Rep told me this. He thinks it may be Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth and with this………………….we can design on our iPads and tablets………..can I get a Woot Woot!!………..thank you Berni for asking this question!!!!!

Last but Not Least……….

Silhouette coming down in price…………..what does this mean?

For one it means that you are getting a great deal on a Silhouette Cameo! The price has dropped to $229! I can order these but I would need a zip code first to see what the shipping cost will be (between $25 and $40 depending on zip code. I think it’s better to order the Cameo from Amazon and get free shipping if at all possible. Silhouette will not drop ship anymore.

Since the cost of the Cameo went down, I had to ask “Is something else coming?????” I’m not allowed to say but………. Stay tuned…!


  1. Thank you for all this great information!

  2. Love your post. Just a question or two. Are you in Canada or the US for shipping?

    1. I am located in Southern California, U.S.A. Thank you for your nice comment!

    2. Hello! How much is it to ship the PixScan mat to Canada?

    3. Shipping to Canada is USD $10.00

  3. Do you have the Pixscan mats in stock and ready to ship? :)

    1. I so not have the PixScan in stock, however, I am placing an order this weekend. If you would like me to order one for you, please email Miriam@DesignsbyMiriam and I can order whatever you need. Approximate shipping is 1-2 weeks from Monday, August 4th.

  4. Hi, please do you ship PixScan to Denmark? Kindest regards Monica live in Denmark

  5. Thanks Marie,

    For your great customer service and all the info. Have bookmarked your site for future use.

    1. Thank you Linda. I very much appreciate that. Customer Service done right is my motto. Anything else I can do for you, just let me know.

  6. I'm ecstatic that I've found your page (via a Facebook friend)! Lots of new & exciting information! Thank you! :)

    1. You are most welcome, Tereasa. I'm glad you found me!