Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New CHA Tool - Bow-It-All Elite

One of the things I loved about CHA is that every company that was there had new stuff that they demonstrated. Some even let us play with the product it or we took samples home. The Zutter booth was no different. This is where I met the creator of the Bow-It-All, Stacy Nicholas, and she gave me a demonstration of the newest member of the Bow It All family, the Bow It All Elite, or Version 2. It's almost the same as version 1, but now it has the pegs at every 1/2", to make smaller or larger bows and loops easier than ever. I love the fact that you can make a double or triple loop bow in such an easy fashion and it comes out so professional each and every time.

I took video of her demonstrating the tool and had to order some for my new online store as it looked so cool. Mind you, I already have version 1, but had to have version 2! The Bow It All Elite will be out sometime in late March or early April and will retail for $34.95. My price will be lower than retail!! If you would like to pre-order yours, write me an email at info@designsbymiriam.net . I will be sure to give you my discounted price and I'll order one for you! In the meantime, sit back and watch this short video from CHA!

(If you are on an iPad, you will need Flash to see this video from my You Tube channel.)